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you know I like my girls a little bit older

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Jennifer Lawrence on Josh Hutcherson: “Josh is so charming,” she says. “He’s so charming! And when you read in the books about Peeta being able to manipulate anybody — I mean Josh could get, well, I don’t know a metaphor for [this scenario] except for dirty ones. But he’s charming, he’s sweet, he’s down to earth, he’s normal. He embodies all of it and brings it all to Peeta. So when you meet him he’s got all of these great qualities and every single one of them come across in every line he says out loud as Peeta.”

Jennifer Lawrence on Liam Hemsworth:  “Liam is just a solid brick of muscle and you look at him and you’re like ‘Oh, okay great!’” she says. “But he’s got depth and he’s interesting and at the same time he’s natural and he flows.”

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